Introducing the Telescope Accessory Glow-Rings,TM Design by Kendall Nelson of Nelson Devices, LLC has spent many years in his field or many fields “pardon the pun!” developing time saving gadgets & patented  inventions to share with the global astronomy community. These glow-rings are one of the best additions to a telescopes setup! especially when using then with out reach programs to unfamiliar users viewing for maybe the first time, and asking where do I look? Most telescope owners have a  flash light handy to keep shinning on to the accessories to show the viewer where to look, which can be a pain at times. Also these may prevent the viewer(s) from bumping there eye socket in to the eyepiece! A plus for medium to dark observing locations. A UV pen light can greatly amplify the brightness if needed.

Each ring is designed to custom fit devices up to 65mm in diameter, but you can link them together & expand your application. They have elasticity to fit tightly around each eyepiece, tripod legs for added safety, etc. They are water proof and can stay on the eyepieces when stowed.

Product info: Ring tubing is designed to glow super long and super bright! Its a silicone mixture, so its very soft and flexible. Uses Strontium Illuminate to provide the longest lasting, and brightest glow! and joined by a 3/32” Nylon coupler that can be removed, reued or stored with it on.

They are charged from the sun or artificial white light such as cell phone flash light, but can be greatly enhanced with the UV light. (Included when you buy 3 or more rings!).

Overall this is another great innovation to make viewing the heavens more enjoyable also giving you telescope set-up a more high tech advanced and impressive  l@@k!

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Brief Description

These rings are designed to custom fit primarily eyepiece accessories, tripod legs, .965" EP, etc. up to 65mm in diameter. they are water and UV proof. They have elasticity to fit tightly around each eyepiece or other. Perfect for dark location viewing for general public and individuals that are not familiar with "where do I look".
They are charged from sun or artificial white light but can be greatly enhanced with a UV pen. Free with the purchase of 3 or more rings.
The price herein is for 10 rings for devices up to 2-1/2" / 65mm. They may be plugged in to another one for larger applications!



"WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Glow Rings contains elastic material. Not suitable for children under 3 years."


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