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Ioptron  Telescope Hand Controller Extension Cable for 8401, 8402, 8403, 8405, 8406, 8407, 8408

Availble from 6’ to 25’ lengths.

Brief Description

The iOptron 6' Telescope Hand Controller Extension Cable acts as an extension or replacement cable for your hand controller, Light color cable design for night vision and safety! No more tangled cord. made of 26 AWG copper Tiger Cable.® Geat for backup or upgrade!


Ioptron Telescope Hand Controller 15' Cable #IPTHC15



Brief Description

This is an after market cable to replace the #8415 Its design is 15' Telescope Hand Controller Extension Cable that acts as a replacement cable for your hand controller, Light color cable design for night vision and safety! made of 26 AWG copper Tiger Cable.® Great for backup or upgrade!


iOptron RS232 to RJ9 serial  12' cable. Available from 6’ to 25’ lengths.

Brief Description

iOptron RS232 to RJ9 serial cable is used for firmware upgrade (hand controller and/or control boards), mount computer control, or Wi-Fi adapter connection for some mounts. This cable may be needed for the following iOptron mounts:
AZ Mount Pro
iEQ45 Pro and iEQ30 Pro
SmartEQ/SmartEQ Pro/SmartEQ Pro+
CubePro with 8408 HC
SkyGuider Pro (hand controller firmware upgrade only)


StarFi Wifi Telescope Replacement / back-up Adapter Cable Set. # SFWF-1


Brief Description

Listed is for one set of serial and power cables for the StarFi telescope adapter module. #8434 cable kit includes (1) 6P6C power cable (1) 4P4C Serial data cable. 12" in each. Mounts Supported:

Compatibility -
CEM60/CEM60-EC/iEQ45 Pro/iEQ30 Pro
iEQ45/iEQ30/iEQ45 with 8406 hand controller
Requires DB9 RS232 male to male connector and an iOptron RS232-RJ9 cable
ZEQ25 SmartEQ/Pro
Requires an iOptron RS232-RJ9 cable #8412 and DYI power source


SB2.0 to RS232 Serial DB9 Adapter Plug up to 480Mbps for Computer #USBDB9



Brief Description

USB to serial cable (COM), can realize the conversion between computer USB interface to universal serial port
- Suitable for computers or notebooks with a USB port
- Compatible with USB2.0, 1.1Mbps to 480Mbps transmission rate
- Support RS232 working mode, standard DB9pin serial port
- Support remote wake-up and power management, take power from the USB bus, no external power supply required
- Support for Windows95/98/2000/XP, MAC OS 9X, VISTA or higher

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