Q: Does the Quick Connect restrict the light cone to the accessories?

A: No, the inside diameter of units A and B are the same as the exit hole on the rear of the telescope.

Q: Do I need to remove the Quick Connects when I am through observing?

A: No, Unit A can remain on the telescope and unit B can also remain connected permanently after each use and when stored.

Q: May I purchase more of the A or B units?

A: Yes, the basic kit contains (1) A and (2) B units, but you can get as many of the A or B units as needed to accommodate all of your accessories.

Q: How much weight can I install onto the connectors?


A: Each of the B units has a wave spring rated for 34lbs. (full Compression), Although length plays a major factor in the ratio to weight, It is recommended to use 6 lbs. or under. In our field testing we installed a .055" washer at the bottom the connector and could install a unlimited amount of weight with very minimal flexure. As always take caution to your telescopes weight allowances to avoid damage to your drives. (See Flexure Chart)(Please see our Distance to Weight)

Q: Will I need to add extra weight to my scope when I install the quick connect set?

A: No, An A & B set only weighs about 5ozs., But check your telescopes manual on weighs and balancing, also take note on all of the accessories being used at any giving time.

Q: Can I Polar align with the Quick-Connect in place?

A: Yes, The Quick-Connect was designed to be permanently installed and used with a diagonal. Please check our telescope compatibility chart for clearances. As always, Please check distances before operating the telescope. All test where performed using the Meade and Clestron diagonals. A minimum of 5.50" are needed for your clearance. Scopes with equatorial mounts or wedges will have no clearance issues.


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