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Eyepiece/Tripod Astro Glow-Rings (Patent Pend)

These rings are designed to custom fit devices up to 65mm in diameter, but you can link them together and expand your application. They have elasticity to fit tightly around each eyepiece, tripos leg, etc. designed for dark location viewing for general public & individuals that are not familiar with where they look. Frequenlty asked- WERE DO I LOOK!

They are charged from the sun or artificial white light such as cell phone flash light, but can be greatly enhanced with a UV light.(included when you buy 3 or more rings!).

Glow Rings Min & Max Effects

The photos above are the rings at normal glow, the key ring UV light and enhanced glow rings from the UV light. This makes for a more flexible light for your viewing area.

The rings can also be used on telescope tripod legs for added safety. glow rings

Product info: This tubing is designed to GLOW super long and super bright! its a silicone mixture, so its very soft and flexible. Uses strontium illuminate to provide the longest lasting, and brightest glow! Overall this is another great innovation to make viewing the heavens more enjoyable telescope eyepiece glow rings



Disclaimer: We are not responsible for damage or repairs required as a consequence of misuse or applications other than the intended use of this product. This includes damage due to improper connectivity of any electronic equipment such as hot plugging, etc. other than what is specified. Please verify all your pin connections and cable requirements from your manufacturer as well as any safety measures, If you have any questions, please contact us.