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Telescope Slow Motion Controller(Slow-Mo Genie) (Patent Pend) telescope hand controller Telescope CCD Port

This new & innovative device allows you to simply plug in to the CCD/Auto guider port on telescope mounts. Doing so allows you to, Example: Observe the moon at high power and control the telescope with the joystick, giving an Apollo port hole type experience! This is GREAT FOR KIDS! to control and interact with the telescope away from the computer!! Its design for defaulted telescope slowest slew speed making it hard to lose the objects

Most factory telescope controllers are cumbersome and loaded with buttons that can be accidentally pressed by those unfamiliar with it. It may also be used for high powered star clusters, nebula's such as the Vail & Orion. Other uses can be to manually align guide stars in astrophotography.

Listed below are some of the telescopes: Avalon, Meade LX50, LX90*, LX200 Classic, LX200 GPS, LX200 16in SCT, LXD650, LXD750, Celetron CPC Series, Nexstar Series, & CGE CGEM, Skywatcher, Losmandy, Takahashi, Orion Atlas

When using diagonals or optics that make the image reversed to joystick movement, just reverse the direction that you hold the controller.

*Contact us if you have questions about your model not listed. one rule of thumb is if your CCD port excepts the ST-4 your Ok.

No batteries required

*LX90 must have the #909 accessory port adapter.

*Using on Orion Atlas Mounts- Please specify to us if using on this mount.



Disclaimer: We are not responsible for damage or repairs required as a consequence of misuse or applications other than the intended use of this product. This includes damage due to improper connectivity of any electronic equipment other than what is specified. Please verify all your connection requirements, safety measures, polarity, hot plugging, etc.   If you have any questions, please contact us